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Welcome to Klondike Middle School

Klondike Middle School

Klondike Middle School is located on the northwest side of West Lafayette near the campus of Purdue University. The school serves more than 450 students in grades six through eight.The Klondike Middle School community is made up of students from 20 different nationalities as well a diverse section of socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of our patrons are employed at Purdue and other local businesses and schools. Our staff of dedicated educators shares a common goal to to provide a safe and educationally sound place for students to thrive.

Klondike Middle School has earned a "Four Star" status 14 out of the past 20 years. Klondike Middle also received a 4.0 A school grade based on ISTEP+ performance for the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Spring testing windows.

The broad range of cultural backgrounds found at KMS makes it an interesting and exciting place to learn. To meet the needs of all students KMS offers advanced, regular, and basic levels of Language Arts and Mathematics at all grade levels. Every student at Klondike Middle School will have one period of Language Arts. Students identified as gifted by the Tippecanoe School Corporation Gifted and Talented department participate in a Language Arts Seminar in sixth through eighth grades. All students have the opportunity to take classes in Industrial Technology, Family and Consumer Science, and Art during the school year.

Klondike is known for a well-developed music department. Both our choir and band have received Division I first place ratings at regional and state contests. Our choir and band classes meet on a daily basis to work on pieces to present at contest or school programs.

Purdue University has honored Klondike Middle School with the Purdue Regional Science Fair Junior Division Championship for the past several years. Our students bring back many first place ribbons and monetary awards. Several of our students have gone on to participate at the Indiana State and National Science Fair.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of academic activities. We encourage students to attend events and join teams such as Speech Team, Mathcounts, Vex Robotics, and Academic Super Bowl. Our Spell Bowl team was named regional champion from 2006-2012 and State Champion in 2007-08 and 2009-10. Our Vex Robotics teams have earned the right to attend the World Championships the past 3 years. In addition our Student Council and National Junior Honor Society offers students’ leadership and community service opportunities.

Klondike's seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate on basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling, track, cheerleading and dance teams. Our sixth grade students can be involved in dance team, wrestling and with our intramural volleyball, track, golf and basketball clubs.

Klondike Middle School has also adopted “Choice Language” and has been trained to use this approach when communicating with students.

The strength of Klondike Middle School rests with the teaching staff, support staff, students, and parents and the partnership between these entities. Strong parental support and good communication between all stakeholders ensures academic success as our students mature into young adults.


Based upon the highest professional standards, the Tippecanoe School Corporation will strive to educate our students to reach their academic potential in an environment that encourages confidence, competence, and a desire for learning.


Descriptions of assessment instruments to be used in addition to ISTEP+

  • NWEA is administered 3 times per year and provides assessment data used to inform instruction and shows student growth along a continuum of grades.
  • ISTAR is administered 2 times each year.
  • Wida is administered once a year.
    • English Language Learners: WIDA (World class Instructional Design and Assessment) This assessment is given to students for whom English is not the primary language spoken in the home. This is to assess reading, writing, and oral language proficiency.

NOTE: Some students meeting criteria established by the state are assessed using ISTAR (Indiana Standards Tool for Alternate Reporting) Standardized Assessment Tests used specifically at Klondike Middle School Standardized tests are given at Klondike Middle School to assist teachers in providing the best possible education for our students. Standardized test data enables teachers to adapt classroom instruction to meet students’ academic needs. Students in grades six, seven, and eight take ISTEP+ in the spring of each school year. This test provides information that allows teachers to see to what extent an individual student has mastered Essential Skills in both English/Language Arts and Mathematics content areas and at 6th grade Science and 7th grade Social Studies. This data is used to guide instruction and determine course placement.

Informal Assessment Tools used at Klondike Middle School

Klondike Middle School believes that daily feedback and assessment are instrumental in assisting students to achieve to their potential. The following are types of informal assessment found to be successful with young adolescents and used in classrooms at Klondike Middle School:

  • Teacher created assessment tests using ISTEP test format
  • Teacher created assessment tests using written narrative and short answer format
  • Self assessment
  • Peer assessment
  • Teacher created rubrics
  • Oral presentations
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Creative Dramatic
  • Performance based assessments
  • Project evaluations using Rubrics
  • IXL


At Klondike Middle School teachers have access to Indiana Standards via the Learning Connection. These are used in aligning classroom instruction to the Indiana CCSS standards. Teachers access this reference as cross-curricular projects are planned. Learning Connection is also used as needed by the principals, counselor, and parents. In addition educators at Klondike Middle School belong to a variety of Learning Communities via the Learning Connection and local TSC communities via SMART, Canvas and Google+. 1:1 technology used by the students allows teachers develop curriculum using a plethora of engaging resources.

Educational Programs and the Learning Environment


Project Peace

Focuses on teachers and students working together to deal with conflict in a positive manner, practicing important citizenship traits, and becoming a part of the solution in our community.

Peer Mediation

Is a process for resolving problems and conflicts in a peaceful manner. Students are trained to use peer mediation skills, and these trained neutral "third party" mediators help to solve low-level conflict that occurs at Klondike Middle School.

Parent Involvement

Klondike Middle School believes that parents need to play an active role in their child’s life. Communication is key to parental involvement in the school. The following are events that enable Klondike patrons to become involved in their child’s school life and offer an opportunity for parental participation:

    • Klondike Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)
    • Sixth Grade Orientation
    • Back To School Fair
    • Student Showcase
    • Fannie May Fundraising event
    • Book Fairs
    • Parent Conferences
    • Klondike Monthly Dances and Parties (Parents act as chaperones)
    • Math Counts, Speech Team, Vex Robotics and Quiz Bowl parent volunteers
    • Parental Athletic volunteer workers and spectators
    • Parental Volunteers at Band and Choir Concerts
    • Parental support for club activities
    • Parental support for Cheerleader Teams
    • Parental support for FCCLA projects and activities
    • Parental support for Band/Choir activities
    • Science Fair (Parents support their child’s project and act as Judges)
    • Career Month (Parents come in and speak to student groups about career opportunities)
    • Media Center Volunteers
    • Field Trip Chaperones

Instructional Strategies

Current strategies at KMS to support the achievement of academic standards

  • Academic Classes designed for differentiated learning
  • Learning Labs/Interventionist for at risk students
  • Guided Study time for all students
  • Team meetings with parents as needed
  • Parent teacher communication
    • Conferences
    • E-mails
    • Progress Reports
    • Newsletters
    • Phone Calls
    • Web pages/ School and Individual Teacher pages
    • PowerSchool Parent Portal
    • Canvas LMS
    • Pinwheel IM event service
                  • Academic Clubs
                  • Quiz Bowl
                  • Speech Team
                  • Math Counts
                  • Vex Robotics
                  • Noon Supervised Study
                  • Student/Teacher conferencing monthly
                  • Tutoring/Peer Tutoring by National Junior Honor Society
                  • Nugget time-students may be assigned/moved based on academic needs to provide extra support
                  • Gold Rush homework club - After school tutoring

                  Analysis of student achievement

                  • KMS has been a Four-Star School 14 of the past 21 years and earned an A School Grade the past 4 years.
                  • KMS received monetary awards based on academic performance.
                  • KMS has exceeded the state average in English/LA ISTEP academic standards over the past 15 years.
                  • KMS has had major demographic changes over the past 8 years with an increase in ELL, special education students, and students receiving free/reduced lunch.

                  Safe and Disciplined Learning Environment

                  • Klondike Middle School has monthly fire drills.
                  • Klondike Middle School has two tornado drills per semester.
                  • Klondike staff and students participate in a minimum of two lockdown drills per year.
                  • Klondike Middle School is on a lock down each day with school access limited only to the Main Entrance via audio and video security system. This entrance is also under video surveillance. School safety guidelines/maps are posted in each classroom.
                  • At Klondike Middle School there is a Zero Tolerance policy for harassment and physical violence in effect at all times.
                  • Klondike Middle School has installed interior and exterior cameras to monitor activity both in and outside of the building.
                  • Character education traits are reinforced throughout the building.
                  • PBIS – R3S behavior expectations implemented by the staff and students are strictly enforced.
                  • Tippecanoe School Safety specialist is on staff. This staff member has been trained by the Indiana Department of Education in overall school safety guidelines. KMS PL221 67
                  • Klondike Middle School has a detailed safety action plan on file with the Tippecanoe School Corporation Central Office, Wabash Township Volunteer Fire Department, Tippecanoe Sheriff’s Department, and the local civil defense. All above community agencies had input in the Klondike Middle School Safety Plan.
                  • Published handbook outlining all of the expectations for student behavior at school and at after school activities.

                  Staff Development

                  Teachers/Administrators/Support Staff have been released for professional development opportunities which include:
                  • ESL conference
                  • GLASS state regulations conference
                  • Technology Workshops
                  • FCCLA Conference
                  • DOE—middle school Language Arts curriculum
                  • Common Core Standards Math /Lang Arts
                  • School Safety conference
                  • District Training opportunities on a wide range of topics during the summer and after school
                  Instructional Improvement Block - 30 minutes per day
                  • Interpretation of KMS student test data – ISTEP+; ACUITY; Star Reading, Successmaker
                  • Training on using Pearson lessons and diagnostic tests and data derived from testing
                  • Canvas Training
                  • Differentiated Instruction
                  • Department meetings focusing on Indiana Standards
                  • Focus on Literacy
                    • Purposeful Reading
                    • Purposeful Writing
                    • Vocabulary
                    • Socratic Method of discussion
                  • Best Practice – Instructional Strategies for Literacy
                  • Best Practice -- ELL Accommodations
                  • Learning Connection
                  • Choice Language
                  • RtI training
                  • PBIS