Tippecanoe School Corporation
School safety forum
Sue Scott

The Tippecanoe School Corporation will host a series of meetings to inform parents on a variety of school safety issues. TSC Safety and Security Manager Aaron Gilman, along with school resource officers and other safety specialists, will provide information on the corporation’s emergency preparedness plans and initiatives, as well as resources for parents navigating concerns about bullying, social media and more. 

The first session will be held at 6:30 p.m, October 6 in the auditorium at McCutcheon High School. The times and locations of future sessions will be announced later on our website, tscschools.com.

October 6: Standard Response Protocol, Cell Phones
December 13: Social Media, Bullying, Suicide Prevention
March 7: Social Media, Vaping/CBD/Drugs, Alcohol
May 16:  Social Media, A Year in Review

The school safety forums will focus on those topics that may affect students and parents throughout the school year. “The goal of the forums is to inform parents about issues that present challenges within our school community and efforts needed to address them. We hope to empower parents and offer resources so they might have open, productive conversations with their students in helping to address these challenges,” says Gilman.

TSC Superintendent Dr. Scott Hanback says working together we can address a growing concern for schools across the country. “Parents, teachers, students, and others in the community are invited to join the discussion on how we can work together to keep our schools safe,” says Hanback. “During the sessions, our safety team will share steps we have taken to enhance school security and what resources are available to address mental health and public safety concerns.”