Tippecanoe School Corporation
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month books
Sue Scott

When students return to school in the fall they will discover some new materials in the library thanks to a donation from an Asian American book drive, “One Book One World.”  The donation gave all six TSC middle schools two copies of five titles including “Displacement” by Kiku Hughes, “New from Here” by Kelly Yang and “Red, White and Whole'' by Rajani La Rocca.

The goal behind the donated materials is to increase awareness of Asian Americans and their contributions to our community and country. TSC Middle School Media and Instructional Technology Specialist Alicia Spray says, “Having books that include characters that our students can identify with is important and necessary. When students read about characters that remind them of themselves, they form a deeper connection to the text and it takes their comprehension of the material to another level.”

“I'm excited to offer these books to our students in the fall due to the accessibility and relatability of the texts,” adds Spray. “All of the books blend current day situations with historical events and frame them in a way that allows students to not only develop empathy for the characters but to consider a point of view that might be different from their own.”

The donation to the schools arrived in May, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Community volunteers, parents and Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies brought the One Book One World program to West Lafayette this year.

TSC accepts book donations from One Book One World