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Tech Ed

Tech Ed Mural

The Technology classes at Klondike Middle School are at the 7th and 8th grade levels. Each year the Technology class is a one semester offering. Both grade levels focus on the design process. They both offer many out of the ordinary learning opportunities.

The 7th grade classes start off with the focus on learning the principles of drafting. This is the foundation of both grade levels. The students will get opportunities to work with Lego robotics, explore magnetic levitation, and then learn the basics of running power tools while making air blaster cars. The students will gain an appreciation of technology (the practical use of all human knowledge) and how it relates to their lives.

The 8th grade classes will work on Rube Goldberg projects, where they have partners, and then the machines will interconnect with all the other groups in the class. They will explore basics of electronics, through the use of Snap Circuits. They also learn about the reverse engineering process. Students learn about space and flight while building rockets and launching them. The students also participate in a manufacturing project. While working in this class and learning about technology, the students will have many opportunities to work on their team work skills.