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Choir is a class that meets every day at KMS! The focus is to learn more about  music through choral singing. Harmony is a classroom goal each and every day. Students also learn how to improve vocal technique, stage presence, sight reading skills, performance skills, and overall musical knowledge! Harmony is achieved by placing students in sections of sopranos, altos, tenors/baritones. Students are placed in the vocal section where they will be most successful. A wide variety of music is used throughout the year. Choir performances are pivotal to this class, and students in choir perform 2-3 times a year with the 8th grade having an additional performance at Harrison High school with the high school choirs. If you love to sing and you enjoy performing, choose choir to be in your KMS schedule. 


Circle the State with Song: ‘This program is a statewide choral festival for elementary and junior high/middle school choirs. Nearly 5,000 youth from hundreds of different schools participate in Circle the State each spring at one of 12 sites throughout Indiana. During the festival, the participating schools rehearse and perform together under the director of a highly experienced Clinician.’

IMEA Honor Choir: ‘Selected students who are participating in Circle the State with Song Area Festivals will have the opportunity to audition for these All-State Honor Choirs. These choirs are select groups of approximately 150 singers chosen by teacher recommendation and audition.’

Solo and Ensemble: Students who are enrolled in choir will have the opportunity to take a vocal solo, piano solo or vocal ensemble to contest. Taking a solo or ensemble to contest is a wonderful way to improve singing technique and performance skills. This contest is for the highly committed choral student, as they will be responsible for finding time outside of school to learn and memorize their music for the contest. 

General Music is a class that meets every day at KMS! Students enrolled in General Music class study music outside of a performing group situation. Students still learn the basics of reading, writing, and appreciating music. However, students learn through music history and music theory instruction. Note taking, activities, tests and projects are a part of this course. Students learn about music through a  general classroom approach rather than a performance oriented approach.