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The Art classes at Klondike Middle School are at the 6th and 7th grade levels. At each level students have one semester of art experience. Both grade levels focus on the elements and principles of design, various media and techniques, as well as art history and cultures. They both offer opportunities to explore new things and work through creative problem solving techniques.

The 6th grade classes will begin with a foundation in the elements of art.  These elements will then be laced through the projects that will be completed throughout their semester of art.  The students will get opportunities to explore pencil, chalk pastel, clay, tempera paint, oil pastel, printmaking, and fiber art.  We will also dabble with technology a bit as we explore graphic design techniques on their chromebooks. 

The 7th grade classes start off with a focus on learning the principles of drawing and layout of a successful piece. This is the foundation for much of what we will do in the classroom throughout their middle school art career. The students will get opportunities to work with clay, tempera and watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel, textiles, printmaking, and even some graphic design technologies on their chromebooks. The students will gain an appreciation of the visual arts through their experiences.